Number of individual entries

Filtered by:   1846


The 925,005 individual entries are from documents of the following 51 source types:

   Civil registration deaths
   Civil registration births
   Civil registration marriages
   Population register
   Notarial records
   Population register 1874-1893
   Death duties files
   Population register 1853-1863
   Population register 1851-1853
   Patient registry
   Overgenomen delen
   Militia records
   Member register
   Police register
   Church records baptisms
   DTB Lidmaten
   Bevolkingsregister 1864-1874
   Special registers
   Index on convicts
   Family cards
   Rollbooks district courts
   Register of staff
   Inscription prisoner
   Registers of seats in the church
   Church records marriages
   Emigration Registers
   Baptism, Marriage and Burial Registers (DTB)
   Cemetery records
   Church records burials
   Pension cards
   Prayer card collection
   Royal resolution
   Inscriptions and epitaphs
   BS Incoming piece
   Bankruptcy file
   Police reports

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