Number of individual entries

The 176,857,683 individual entries are from documents of the following 155 source types:

   Civil registration deaths
   Civil registration births
   Church records baptisms
   Civil registration marriages
   Population register
   Notarial records
   Church records marriages
   Church records burials
   Prayer card collection
   Death duties files
   Militia records
   DTB Lidmaten
   Prison registers
   Member registration
   Management file
   Judicial register
   Registraties vóór 1811
   Family cards
   Baptism, Marriage and Burial Registers (DTB)
   Dead Book
   Rollbooks district courts
   Reconstructed personal record cards
   Tietjerksteradeel e.o.
   Tax registers regarding fireplaces
   Judicial archives
   Family pages
   Poorter books
   Cemetery records
   Commission Books
   Family printing
   Residents lists
   Quotisatie kohieren
   Register of Orphan Records
   Individual Files
   Civil books
   Boarder cards
   Register of electors
   Emigration Registers
   Patient register
   Chamber of Commerce
   Name adoption
   PoW cards
   Mortgage books
   Notarial deeds
   Pension registry
   Judicial archives
   Inscriptions and epitaphs
   Wedding announcement
   Causes of death
   Registers of seats in the church
   Royal resolution
   Ontvanger Generaal
   Service register
   BS Incoming piece
   Impost on burial
   Family business register
   Registre civique
   Deposit letters
   Tax register
   Register of staff
   District register
   WIC documents
   Death statement
   Description sheet
   Ordinance protocols
   All kinds of acts
   Onderduikers registers
   Garrison register
   Official reports
   Registers of guarantee
   Wees- en armboeken register
   Impost to marry
   Students Franeker
   Supreme Court rulings
   Personnel File
   Salary register
   Information books
   Potters 1752-1900
   Loan Register
   Civil registration divorces
   Court rulings
   House registry
   Pension Lists
   Criminal judgments
   Extradition Request
   Register of resident servants and servants
   Payment Register
   Borgbrieven register
   Database Flying Staff
   Civil registration Burials
   Act of indemnity
   State-built properties
   Landstorm register
   Staten en inventarissen
   Residents list
   Act of corpse discovery
   Not known
   Detainees registration
   Declaration of death
   DTB Suriname
   Enrollment in the military affairs registration
   Property cards
   Act of improvement
   BS Recognition
   Newspaper messages
   Act of name improvement
   Guild Book
   Civil registration marriages (divorce certificate)
   Certificate of name change
   BS Name change
   Improvement certificate
   Excerpt from Ministry of Justice
   Act of amendment
   Extract name change
   Excerpt ship's log
   Act of decision
   Excerpt from the ship's log
   Declaration of death
   Civil registration marriages (certificate of recognition)
   Registration decision
   City and village archives

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