Death on in Vlissingen (Netherlands)





Deceased (male)

Source citation

Zeeland Archives, Civil registration deaths
Vlissingen overlijdensakten burgerlijke stand, Vlissingen, access code 25, inventory number VLI-O-1816, 1816, record number 84

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On Saturday, January 27 Anders Pemer wrote

So great to find out what happened to him! In the estate inventory after his mother in 1827, he was noted as the only possible heir, but that his whereabouts had been unknown for the last 10 to 12 years. His paternal third great grand father Martin Frumerie had immigrated to Sweden from Leyden in the Netherlands, so George "closed a circle" by passing away in the land of his origins. In Sweden he was called Jöran (nowadays more often spelled Göran), a Swedish variant of the name George.

His paternal second great grand mother was Sara Pemer, from whose younger brother I am descended. I'm the most active genealogist researching the Frumerie family in Sweden today. Sara's husband Jean Frumerie was the only son of the immigrant Martin, who still has descendants with the Frumerie name. They had two sons, born in 1662 and 1663 respectively, who both have descendants with the name. On the older branch all of these live by now in the US (and maybe a little twig in Canada). The other branch, still in Sweden, comprise people called Frumerie, and one branch that decided to call themselves de Frumerie when such a change was still possible. A domestically well known composer, Gunnar de Frumerie, belonged to this branch, and a great niece of his, Karin de Frumerie. is an actor seen in TV and movies here.

On the longest lasting other branch from any of Jean's brothers the name went extinct in 1882.

In Leyden Martin Frumerie was called Fremery, Framerie, de la Framerie and Delaframerie. When he signed a lease with Louis de Geer to move to Sweden he signed it "Frumerie", the form of the name that has since been the one chosen by the Swedish branch. Martin Frumerie became a school teacher for the children in the reformist congregation by the iron works at Finspång in the province of Östergötland. A couple of his sons remained in the iron working, but noone as a smith, and after them all male Frumeries turned to professions like soldier or civil servant of different kinds.

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