Marriage on in Stavenisse (Netherlands)

Father of groom

Abraham Stoutjesdijk

Mother of groom

Pieternella Johanna Noom, no profession


Johannes Stoutjesdijk, born in Sint Maartensdijk, 28 years old, Landbouwer by profession


Anthonetta Jacoba van der Slikke, born in Stavenisse, 20 years old, no profession

Father of bride

Anthonie Hoechard van der Slikke, Landbouwer by profession

Mother of bride

Maria Cornelia Steendijk, no profession

Source citation

Zeeland Archives in Middelburg (Netherlands), Civil registration marriages
Stavenisse huwelijksakten burgerlijke stand, Stavenisse, access code 25, inventory number STA-H-1913, 19-06-1913, record number 7

The above information was last updated on October 22, 2013.

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