Death on in Rotterdam (Netherlands)


Salomon Simon Witsenhuizen


Duifje Leon Kogel


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Rotterdam City Archives in Rotterdam (Netherlands), Civil registration deaths
Burgerlijke Stand Rotterdam, overlijdensakten, Rotterdam, archive 999-09, inventory number 1883C, 1883, Nadere toegang op het overlijdensregister van de gemeente Rotterdam, record number 1883.2830, folio c075v


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On Friday, January 4 Petra Noomen wrote

In is stated that Alida Witsenhuizen 29 jaar old, died in 1883. This is correct. Her father is Salomon Simon Witsenhuizen. This is also correct.
The name of her mother is incorrect. 'Kogel Duifje de Jong'. Her name should be registered as: Duifje Kogel. The name 'Kogel Duifje de Jong' is (highly) probably an non existing name. Two names are here accidentally submerged: Duifje Kogel and Duifje de Jong. Duifje was a popular first name in that period. The surname De Jong is a very common surname in the Netherlands. Consequence of this, is that there are a lot of females called in the Netherlands: Duifje de Jong!
But no one of these persons is probably called: Kogel Duifje de Jong.. This should be: Duifje Kogel. I explain why:

The correct name of Alida Witsenhuizen's mother is: Duifje Kogel (born in Amsterdam 1820). This name of her mother is also registered by her sisters: Helena, Elisabeth, Vogeltje, Rachel and her brother Simon Isaac. Duifje Kogel was married to Salomon Simon Witsenhuizen (born: Witsenhausen) on Aug 15, 1824 in Alkmaar. This information is correctly in OpenArch. There is a some one else: Duifje de Jong born in 1820 in Krommenie (=this isn't Amsterdam), daughter of Pieter de Jong en Bregje Kuin. and Another Duifje de Jong is born in the same street (Uilenburgerstraat) als Duifje Kogel, but also isn't her. This Duifje de Jong lived at another street-number of Uilenburgerstraat and has a different birthdate.

Is it possible to correct the name of Alida's mother's in the decease information of Alida Witsenhuizen from the incorrect name 'Kogel Duifje de Jong' into the correct name by the jewish habbit: Duifje Leon Kogel of at least in Duifje Kogel?
Leon was the first name of her father: Leon Isaac/Itsak Kogel married to Fijtje Simon Eljon Cohen (Duifje's mother). This is her correct and full first name!
See: and

My second and last question is about the surname of Alida Witsenhuizen, daughter of Alida's sister (Elisabeth) who is thus called after her aunt. Her surname isn't Witsenhuijzen, but Witsenhuizen like the surname of her mother Elisabeth, her aunt Alida (and her other aunts Helena, Rachel and Vogeltje) and her grandfather Salomon (Simon) Witsenhuizen. Reason: the surname Witsenhuijzen is not used in this part of the Witzenhausen family and gives therefor only one hit in OpenArch. The surname Witsenhuijzen is used in another part of the (from origin) Witzenhausen family, but not in my family part. (example: mariage Elisabeth Witsenhuizen)

I am the grand-grand daughter of Alida Witsenhuizen (Witzenhuizen) who is born in 1883 in Amsterdam and named after her aunt Alida born in 1854 in Amsterdam and died in 1883 some moths before the birth of her niece. Her mother was Elisabeth Witsenhuizen. I am making my familytree in MyHerritage and bump into these incorrect/inconsistent information. I notice that it is difficult for other relatives of the Witzenhausen/Witsenhuizen family also to seek and find the right information. It would be great if these two can be corrected!

Thank you for checking and correcting!

Note: in English OpenArch their surname is written as Witzenhausen and Witzenhuizen. I don't know why. In Dutch it is consequently: Witsenhuizen. The original name was: Witzenhausen and I know my grand-grandmother and her part of the family tree was called in Dutch: Witsenhuizen.
For now I assume it's better to leave this unchanged. Because the brother of Elisabeth (Simon Isaac Witzenhuizen) and his children are called Witzenhuizen.. Maybe it's easier to find them all. There is another part of the family also called Witzenhuizen... I don't know of this is important form you to make the change correctely and at the right persons!?


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