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  • Nationality: Netherlands (蘭)
  • Rank: (歩兵 ニト兵(二等兵))
  • Stamboeknummer: No. 19800
  • Place of capture: 爪哇
  • Date of capture: 17/03/08; 1942/03/08
  • Occupation: (鉄道員)
  • Remarks: P 84804
  • Camp and transfer date 1: 爪哇 17/08/15; Java POW Camp 1942/08/15
  • Camp and transfer date 2: 善通寺; Zentsuji POW Camp
  • Camp and transfer date 3: 広島; Hiroshima POW Camp
  • Camp Branch Name and Reg No. 1: 爪I (ジャワ俘虜収容所第1分所) 12003; No. 1 Branch Camp of Java POW Camp 12003
  • Camp Branch Name and Reg No. 2: 善 III (善通寺俘虜収容所第3分所) 143; No. 3 Branch Camp of Zentsuji POW Camp 143
  • Camp Branch Name and Reg No. 3: 広 II (広島俘虜収容所第2分所)1250; No. 2 Branch Camp of Hiroshima POW Camp 1250
  • Other info 1: Transferred to No. 3 Branch Camp of Zentsuji POW Camp on April 22, 1943; Transferred to Hiroshima POW Camp on April 13, 1945; Died of croup pneumonia at 12:30 on January 7, 1945. Cremation; Fell ill on January 2, 1945; Place of death: No. 3 Branch Camp of Zentsuji POW Camp, Isoura, Niihama shi; \"the following is extracted from his card kept at the Camp; Transferred to mainland Japan (Fukuoka POW Camp) on April 24, 1943; Interned in No. 13 Branch Camp of Fukuoka POW Camp on April 25, 1943; Transferred to Zentsuji POW Camp in accordance with the change of organizations on July 20, 1943; Interned in No. 3 Branch Camp of Zentsuji POW Camp on July 20, 1943\"; Hospitalized in Besshi hospital for right side ring finger contusion October 6-14, 1943; Place ashes were kept: Sakurano-Bochi Cemetery, Niihama shi; His ashes were handed over to Capt. Tielenius, Kurithof of the Dutch Army at Hiroshima No. 2 Branch Camp in Niihama shi (city), Ehime ken(prefecture) on September 13, 1945; End (昭和18年4月22日善通寺俘虜収容所第III分所へ移管す; 昭和20年4月13日広島収容所へ移管す; 昭20/01/07 12時30分クループ性肺炎にて死亡す(火); 昭和20年1月2日発病; 死亡場所: 新居浜市磯浦善通寺俘虜収容所第3分所; 「右は収容所カードより抜粋によるものなり; 昭和18年4月24日 内地へ移管す(福岡俘虜収容所); 昭和18年4月25日 福岡俘虜収容所第十三分所に収容; 昭和18年7月20日 編成改正に依り善通寺俘虜収容所に移管; 昭和18年7月20日 善通寺俘虜収容所第三分所収容」; 昭和18年10月6日-14日 右側環指挫創に依り別子病院入院; 遺骨所在地: 新居浜市桜ノ墓地(JA298); 昭和20年9月13日愛媛県新居浜市広島第2分所に於てD.A. Captain Tielenius, Kurithof に引き渡す; 済)
  • Other info 3: 14; 山下印; Yamashita (seal)
  • Serial Number: 整理番号366; Serial Number 366
  • Center Top Red Letters: 広2分所; Hiroshima No. 2 Branch Camp
  • Translator notes: (Translator's note) The name of POW camp at Niihama was changed several times due to the change of jurisdictional control: April 22, 1943 Established as No. 13 Branch Camp of Fukuoka POW Camp; July 14, 1943 Jurisdiction of the Camp was transferred to Ze


Nationaal Archief - Internerings­kaarten

Min. van Binnenl. Zaken: Stamboekgegevens KNIL-militairen met Japanse Interneringskaarten 1942-1996, (Japan), archief, inventaris­num­mer 434


  • https://www.openarch.nl/show.php?archive=ghn&identifier=2740cd2f-272e-45c3-b25c-d40dd5f9e6e2


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