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Albert Frank Mohr1921Eindhoven
Albert H. Mohr1900Nijmegen
Albert Hendrik Mohr1908Nijmegen
Albert Hendrik Mohr1907Nijmegen
Albert Henri MohrAntwerpen
Albert Mohr1925Eindhoven
Albert Mohr1899Amsterdam
Albert Mohr1913's-Gravenhage
Albert Mohr1904's-Gravenhage
Albert Mohr1928Utrecht
Albert Mohr1953Eindhoven
Albert Mohr
Albert Mohr1925Eindhoven
Albert Mohr1921Eindhoven
Albert Mohr1902's-Gravenhage
Albert Mohr1910's-Gravenhage
Albert Mohr1860Zijpe
Albert Mohr1928Eindhoven
Albert Mohr1979Ranspach-le-Bas, Haut-Rhin, Grand Est
Albert Mohr1928Hilversum
Albert Mohr's-Gravenhage
Albert Mohr1919Hilversum
Albert Mohr1953Eindhoven
Albert Mohr1904's-Gravenhage
Albert Mohr1919Hilversum
Albert Peer Mohr1850Zijpe
Albert Pees Mohr1863Zijpe
Albert Pees Mohr1829Den Helder
Albert Pees Mohr1870Zijpe
Albert Pees Mohr1866Alkmaar
Albert Pees Mohr1866Alkmaar
Albert Pees Mohr1866Alkmaar
Albert Pees Mohr1865Zijpe
Albert Pees Mohr1850Callantsoog
Albert Pees Mohr1814Blokzijl
Albert Pees Mohr1883Nieuwer-Amstel
Albert Peesow Mohr1857Zijpe
Albert Pierre Mohr2014Stiring-Wendel, Moselle, Grand Est
Bruno Albert Charles MohrAntwerpen
Bruno Albert Karel MohrAntwerpen
Francois Albert Mohr1984Dijon, Côte-d'Or, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté
Franz Friedrich Christoph Albert Mohr1897Amsterdam
Franz Friedrich Christoph Albert Mohr1877Amsterdam
Gerard Albert Lucien Mohr1996Nancy, Meurthe-et-Moselle, Grand Est
Lucien Albert Gabriel Mohr2003Metz, Moselle, Grand Est
Marcel Albert Mohr2018Saint-Louis, Haut-Rhin, Grand Est
Maurice Albert Mohr2019Dumbéa, Nouvelle-Calédonie
Theodor Albert Joseph Mohr1884Antwerpen

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