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'S Gravenhaagsche Hypotheekbank1887Leeuwarden
'S Gravenhaagsche Hypotheekbank1887Leeuwarden
'levenloos' Andriessen1887Den Helder
'levenloos' Bedorf1887Den Helder
'levenloos' Beentjes1887Den Helder
'levenloos' Bruin1887Den Helder
'levenloos' Deijll1887Den Helder
'levenloos' Dilg1887Den Helder
'levenloos' Geers1887Den Helder
'levenloos' Gode1887Den Helder

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Rotterdam 45.996
Amsterdam 27.540
Utrecht 21.524
Dordrecht 17.836
Leeuwarden 15.820

Mother 207.880
Father 203.582
Registered 132.442
Child 126.668
Deceased 102.627
Bride 34.689

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