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'S Gravenhaagsche Hypotheekbank1886Leeuwarden
'levenloos' Ammerlaan1886Den Helder
'levenloos' Bakker1886Den Helder
'levenloos' Balje1886Den Helder
'levenloos' Boudewijnse1886Den Helder
'levenloos' Calsteren1886Den Helder
'levenloos' Daalder1886Den Helder
'levenloos' Dost1886Den Helder
'levenloos' Friederichs1886Den Helder
'levenloos' Geers1886Den Helder

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Rotterdam 47.966
Amsterdam 25.791
Utrecht 22.300
Dordrecht 17.641
Breda 15.551

Mother 215.974
Father 211.551
Registered 130.024
Child 128.348
Deceased 110.505
Bride 33.924

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