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Joost Sweemer1716's-Gravenhage
Derk Valk1716's-Gravenhage
Dirk Vink1716's-Gravenhage
Dirk Vink1716's-Gravenhage
H. Coeverden tot Walvaard1716's-Gravenhage
Simon Lodewijk van de Pol1716's-Gravenhage
Johan Molaan Heron1716's-Gravenhage
Johan Fran‡ois Rijken1716's-Gravenhage
Johan Fran‡ois Rijken1716's-Gravenhage
Gillis van der Burg1716's-Gravenhage

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Amsterdam 51.645
Arnhem 16.433
Rotterdam 14.415
Leiden 11.597
Utrecht 8.408
Breda 6.870

Witness 45.026
Father 42.560
Mother 37.114
Child 32.526
Deceased 20.876
Registered 19.932

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