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Christiaan Mol1646's-Gravenhage
Nicolaas Mol1646's-Gravenhage
Willem Ketting de Jong1646's-Gravenhage
Anthony Hendrik van Golen1646's-Gravenhage
Jacob Eeveraarts1646's-Gravenhage
Barth. de Gleyns1646's-Gravenhage
Wolffgang van Aken1646's-Gravenhage
Hendrik Thielen1646's-Gravenhage
Wolffgang van Aken1646's-Gravenhage
Hendrik Damen1646's-Gravenhage

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Amsterdam 29.265
Leiden 15.176
Rotterdam 7.089
Utrecht 5.529
Delft 5.014

Father 29.273
Child 24.412
Witness 24.271
Mother 21.281
Registered 17.680
Groom 8.442

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