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Willemken Tonisen1615's-Hertogenbosch
Gerard Adriani1615's-Hertogenbosch
Nicolaus Adriani1615's-Hertogenbosch
Willem Jan Willemsen1615's-Hertogenbosch
Maria Joannis1615's-Hertogenbosch
Adrianus Henrici1615's-Hertogenbosch
Judocus Woutersen1615's-Hertogenbosch
Leonardus Woutersen1615's-Hertogenbosch
Frans Geraertsen1615's-Hertogenbosch
Goijaert Geraertsen1615's-Hertogenbosch

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Amsterdam 8.024
Hoorn 3.803
Enkhuizen 2.979
Dordrecht 2.064
Helmond 1.630

Father 13.292
Child 10.257
Mother 9.656
Witness 7.356
Baptized 3.508
Peter 90

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