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Automatic children search

Open Archives can provide you with a quick insight into the children of a couple with the help of the available certificates. With one click, the information is searched and displayed.

Show ancestors in pedigree

Open Archives can automatically search the records for details of the parents of a person. This is presented in a pedigree chart.

Remember seen documents

Every document you view is taken note of. You can quickly find documents you have viewed via a list or mark in the search results.

Download as you wish

Data is displayed in the browser, but it can also be downloaded in various formats.

Download records in GEDCOM and PDF format

You can download the documents in GEDCOM format to import into your family tree program. And download it as a PDF file so that you have the data digitally and are therefore searchable on your device. The download can be done with a single record, with your favorites and for the newly found search results via the search monitor.

Download the search results in CSV or XLS format

The list of search results (up to 5000) can be downloaded in CSV and XLS format.
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Search Monitor

Open Archives continues to grow in terms of the number of records, mainly because volunteers at archive institutions and associations index more and more records. A query about a week will probably yield more results than the same search today.

This is where the search monitor can help you. If new results are available for the searches defined by you then you will be notified by e-mail.

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  •   Search Monitor
  •   Remember seen documents
  •   Show ancestors in pedigree
  •   Automatic children search
  •   Download records in GEDCOM and PDF format
  •   Download the search results in CSV or XLS format


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I really like the Google-like search with the filters on Open Archives. I also quickly find new information through the suggestions for related acts.
M. Vergeer
Because I can also download the data, I can process the information better.
Richard Loper
Open Archives is the largest genealogy database and offers the most useful functions, just what I need.
Ingrid van Waaij

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay?

You can pay securely via iDEAL, credit card or PayPal. The subscription is immediately activated by the online payment. You can also transfer the amount yourself.

How long does the Plus subscription run?

The Plus subscription has a term of one year.

What is stack discount?

Coret Genealogy offers various products for family tree researchers. If you purchase multiple products, you will receive a stack discount of up to 30%!

Will the subscription be renewed automatically?

The choice is yours: you can set up a direct debit and the subscription will be automatically renewed after one year.

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