Number of individual entries

The 221,396,497 individual entries are from documents made available by the following 93 archives:

   Amsterdam City Archives
   Brabant Historical Information Centre
   Gelders Archive
   City Archives Rotterdam
   North Holland Archives
   The Utrecht Archives
   Zeeland Archives
   Regional Historic Center Limburg
   Historical Center Overijssel
   West-Brabant Archive
   Heritage Leiden and environs
   Regional Historic Centre Eindhoven
   Regional Archive Tilburg
   Drenthe Archive
   City archive Breda
   Heritage Achterhoek and Liemers
   Municipal archive The Hague
   Regional Archives Dordrecht
   Regional Archives Rivierenland
   Regional Archive Langstraat Heusden Altena
   Archive Delft
   Regional Archive Alkmaar
   National Archives
   Westfries Archief
   National Archives / Archives South Holland
   Regional Archives Nijmegen
   Regional archive of Zutphen
   Regional archive Voorne-Putten
   Municipal archive Zaanstad
   RHC Rijnstreek en Lopikerwaard
   Regional History Center Vecht and Venen
   Municipal archive Venray
   Waterlands Archive
   Municipal archive Schouwen-Duiveland
   Municipal Archive Tholen
   Rijckheyt, center for regional history
   Municipal Archive Borsele
   Municipal archive Schiedam
   City Archives Enschede
   Heemkundevereniging Roerstreek
   Municipal archives of Venlo
   Historical Archive Westland
   Municipality Steenwijkerland
   National Archives Suriname
   Municipality archive Alphen aan den Rijn
   Municipal Archives Vlissingen
   Municipal archive Ede
   Municipal archive Roermond
   Municipal Archive Kerkrade
   Municipal Archive Goes
   Eemland Archive
   Hof van Twente municipality
   Municipal Archive Ommen-Hardenberg
   Local society Weerderheem
   City archive Zoetermeer
   The Flevolands Archive
   Dutch Institute for Military History
   Municipal archive Hengelo
   City of Lommel - Archive service
   Streekarchief Gooi en Vechtstreek
   City archive Deventer
   Groninger Archieven
   Dutch Prayer Cards Archives
   Dutch Royal Library
   Historical Archive Central Groningen
   Archive RK Friesland
   State Archives Belgium (Hasselt)
   Municipal archive Wassenaar
   Municipality of Zederik
   Municipality of Oldenzaal
   State Archives of Belgium (Antwerp-Beveren)
   Department of Defense (SIB)
   Heemkundevereniging Helden
   RHC South-East Utrecht
   Second Chamber of the States General
   Heemkundekring De Vrijheijt van Rosendale
   Heritage Lommel
   Regional archive of Epe, Hattem and Heerde
   Genealogical Center Zeeland
   Municipal archive Barneveld
   Heemkundereniging Medelo
   Heemkundekring Het Land van Gastel
   Documentation center Maaseik
   Heemkundekring Loon op 't Sandt
   Archief De Domijnen Sittard-Geleen
   Municipal archive Zeist
   Municipal Archive North Beveland
   Regional Archives Rijnlands Midden
   Historic Centre Leeuwarden
   The Flevolands Archive

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