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A prayer card ('memorial card' or 'death card') is a small card that is often issued as a memento in the event of the death of a loved one. It finds its origin within the Catholic Church.

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This index contains 1,562,113 historical person listings.


The prayer cards as made available online by Heemkundevereniging Roerstreek, Rijckheyt, center for regional history, Regional Archive Tilburg, Local society Weerderheem, Dutch Prayer Cards Archives, Archive RK Friesland, Municipal archive Venray, West-Brabant Archive, Municipal Archive Kerkrade, Heemkundevereniging Helden, Heemkundekring De Vrijheijt van Rosendale, Heritage Lommel, Genealogical Center Zeeland, Regional Archive Langstraat Heusden Altena, Heemkundereniging Medelo, Heemkundekring Het Land van Gastel, Documentation center Maaseik, Heemkundekring Loon op 't Sandt, Municipal archive Zaanstad, Regional Archives Rivierenland can be searched here.


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