Death on in Vierhuizen gem. Ulrum (Netherlands)


Jan Klazen Dijk, daglooner by profession


Anje Borgman, dagloonersche by profession

Deceased (female)

Source citation

AlleGroningers in Groningen (Netherlands), Civil registration deaths
Bron: boek, Period: 1860, Ulrum, February 15, 1860, Overlijdensregister 1860, record number 14

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On Thursday, October 12 Arlene Wardean wrote

Jan Klazen Kijk and Anje Borgman had two daughters named Trientje Dije. The first was born in 1855 and died in 1860 at the age of 4 years of age. The second, was born in 1862, immigrated to Illinois, married Lucas Hameetman, 3 December 1880, Chicago, Cook, Illinois, and died 28 July 1942, Chicago, Cook, Illinois.



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