Casper Lons, on January 31, 1733 in the service of the Dutch East India Company

  • Departure
  • 1733
  • Thursday, August 13
    194 days after departure
    Arrival of the ship Papenburg on the Cape
  • Saturday, September 5
    23 days after arrival at the Cape
    Departure of the ship Papenburg of the Cape

  • days after departure from the Netherlands
    Arrival of the ship Papenburg in Ceylon
  • 1753


Month certificate: No / Debenture: No

Source citation

Nationaal Archief (Netherlands), Dutch East India Company, archive 1.04.02, inventory number 5974, folio 2

VOC - voyagers, this index was developed through a joint initiative of the archives of Delft and Rotterdam, Zeeuws archief, Westfries Archief (Hoorn and Enkhuizen) and the departments of history from the Universities of Leiden and Ghent.


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On Friday, September 25 Elizabeth Wilde wrote

Casparus (Casper) Lons
first husband of Theodora Antonia van Someren van Vrijenes
Probably born in Utrecht, Holland, the son of Hendrik Lons and brother of Willem Hendrik Lons of Utrecht who sailed on the ship Spiering on 28th April 1728 as an onderkoopman (Junior Merchant) to Batavia, arriving there on 23rd December 1728. He was repatriated to Holland & terminated his VOC employment in 1736.
Casper Lons from Uijtregt
Ship: “Papenburg”
Date of commencement of employment: 31 Jan 1733
Occupation: Onderkoopman = Junior Merchant
Arrival : 5 Sep 1733 Ceylon Date of death 14 Mar 1753
General Letters of VOC Governors General in the XVII century 1602 – 1761,
1741- 43 Opperhoofd at Bimlipatan
1748 Casparus Lons was Chief Merchant and Chief of the North Coromandel for the VOC.
Dutch East India Company Letters and papers
Letter signed by Casparus Lons on 10th October 1748
Opperhoofd Casparus Lons, Masulipatam December 1751 my underlining & bold
Transfer – a bond of 1000 marks (?) – at the expense of one part of the general funds of Utrecht
Record number : 115
Species Act : Transfer
Notary : B. Sluyterman
Summary : a bond of 1000 marks – at the expense of one part of the general funds of Utrecht
Persons : Transferor : Hubertus Hendricus of Ryk, son of Hubert Ryk
Receiver : the minor children of Casparus Lons, married, living with Theodora Antonia van Someren of Vryjenes
Guardian : Jan Klemme
References : transfer dated 20-8-1774 for notary DW of Fleets
Specifics : Hubert of Ryk alive resigned council tax on the north coast and the south coast of Africa and afterwards sheriff and gadermeester Baarn and Ter Eem
Jan Klemme's guardian in respect of which pupils inherited from grandfather Hendrik Lons
Access Number 34-4 Notaries of Utrecht 1560-1905 Inventory number U230a013

As Casper Lons died in 1753, he must have married Theodora Antonia (who was born in 1729) well before that date to have produced several children – probably around 1745 when she was about 15 or 16 years old, but I can find no record of the marriage date and evidence of only one daughter of that marriage.

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