Kamer van koophandel inschrijving on in Leeuwarden (Netherlands)



Ingeschreven op 12 november 1923.Opgeheven op 20 juli 1953.

Source citation

AlleFriezen in Leeuwarden (Netherlands), Kamer van koophandel
Kamer van Koophandel 1922-1977 - Tresoar, Part: 5122, Leeuwarden, archive 52-02, inventory number 5122, November 12, 1923, Dossier 05122, record number 4676

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Internet address

  • https://allefriezen.nl/zoeken/deeds/ea0dd849-b3ee-4712-8b00-207a86c8915f
  • https://www.openarch.nl/frl:ea0dd849-b3ee-4712-8b00-207a86c8915f


On Saturday, June 17 Robin Oakes wrote

Hello, my name is Robin Oakes and I am so happy to find this wonderful website. I am great granddaughter of Siemen Spaan and Rena Visser. I have many times wished I had been taught to speak Dutch, especially now! I live in California , USA with my mother, who is Virginia Estella Spaan Oakes. Her brother is Fred Spaan who has worked so diligently to keep the rest of the Spaan family and the many other members of our family aware of our genealogy. I am going to explore so once again I want to express my gratitude for all the hard work everyone has done to make this possible.

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