Burial on in Leiden (Netherlands)


  • Nn, residing in Pieterskerkhof


Source citation

Heritage Leiden and environs in Leiden (Netherlands), Church records burials
Begraven, Part: 1313, Period: 1601-1604, Leiden, archive 0501A, inventory number 1313, March  5, 1604, Begraven 1601 januari 7-1604 september 18.

The above information was last updated on January 6, 2012.

Internet address

  • https://www.erfgoedleiden.nl/collecties/personen/zoek-op-personen/deeds/07cbc854-9b36-acfe-3d04-7626a8cd41d9
  • https://www.openarch.nl/elo:07cbc854-9b36-acfe-3d04-7626a8cd41d9


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