Marriage (huwelijk) on in De Wijk (Netherlands)

Father of groom

Arend Koobs Schoonvelde

Mother of groom

Aaltien Hilberts Poortman


Hilbert Schoonvelde, born on December 5, 1805 in De Wijk, landbouwer by profession


Fijgje Eemten, born on September 21, 1805 in De Wijk, 24 years old, boerenbedrijfdoende by profession

Father of bride

Klaas Jans Eemten, landbouwer by profession

Mother of bride

Beertjen Arends Pol, landbouwersche by profession


; vader bruidegom overleden (Meppel 07-11-1822); moeder bruidegom overleden (27-06-1826); grootouders vermeld

Source citation

Drenthe Archive in Assen (Netherlands), Civil registration marriages
De Wijk, archive 166.031, inventory number 1829, September 19, 1829, record number 9

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