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Brabant Historical Information Centre in Brabant (Netherlands), Population register
Bron: boek, Part: 1683, Period: 1900-1923, Oss, access code 7363, inventory number 1683, Bevolkingsregister Le-Lu, folio 2428

The above information was last updated on February 16, 2015.

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On Tuesday, December 18 Bettie Rootliep wrote

Adriana Margaretha Weterings geb.08-03-1900 Oosterhout;overl.14-04-1971 Haarlem;
Pieter Rootlieb;geb.24-05-1896 Haarlem;overl.30-01-1990 Amsterdam;Geh.1e:Marg.Wilh. Weterings te Oss: 05-09-1919;2e:29-08-1956 Haarlem met Janine Augustine Adolphina Huisman geb.04-03-1930 te Haarlem. Pieter Rootlieb geb.29-03-1921 Haarlem;overl.27-11-1945 Haarlem.
Geh.02-07-1941 Haarlem met Maria Bogaart ,geb. 03-11- 1924 Haarlem.


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