Burial on in Rijkevoort (Netherlands)

Deceased (female)

  • Marij Egbert Bardoull, Overleden in Rijkevoort met toestemming van de eerwaarde heer pastoor hier begraven.

Source citation

Brabant Historical Information Centre in Brabant (Netherlands), Church records burials
Brabants Historisch Informatie Centrum, Part: 11, Period: 1690-1821, Oploo, Sint Anthonis en Ledeacker, access code 1451, inventory number 11, Sint Anthonis begraafboek 1690-1821, folio 30v06

The above information was last updated on January 15, 2016.

Internet address

  • https://www.bhic.nl/memorix/genealogy/search/deeds/6ce13dba-599b-cf3f-9703-f2270511570c
  • https://www.openarch.nl/bhi:6ce13dba-599b-cf3f-9703-f2270511570c


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